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ASKO’s RSS Feed Integrated On’s Price Page

11 February 2022

RSS news feed support for the ASKO token is now available for users! ASKO fans and users can now find the latest updates on ASKO news and price action on’s Price Page. The move will allow easier access to the latest information and price movement, including trading volumes, live charts, and market cap data.

ASKO brings innovative dApps to the forefront of DeFi. Our impactful and effective solutions bridge the gap between what is thought to be possible and impossible in DeFi.

This announcement precedes the public beta of  “ASKOLend”, a unique non-custodial borrow & lend multi-chain platform that was originally forked from the Compound protocol, but then substantially modified to include an automated risk management feature. This feature allows for an extensive range of crypto assets to be offered for borrowing and lending.

ASKO serves as the governance token for the rASKO Money Markets, 25% share of fees collected from all rASKO Money Markets will go to fund the DAO Development Fund and staking rewards pool which is then distributed to stakers in accordance with a staker’s share of the pool. The first Money Markets will be on Binance Smart Chain with additional Money Markets anticipated to roll out this year.

Through’s ASKO Price Page, you can now directly access ASKO’s RSS news feed. This feature will enable users to obtain the latest news and updates on ASKO.

Launched in 2016, has become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with over 10 million active users. Starting as a crypto-only exchange, has evolved into a more comprehensive platform, offering crypto payments, borrowing and lending services, a non-custodial wallet, the blockchain with native CRO, and an NFT marketplace. To be at the forefront of mainstream adoption, the platform has invested millions in marketing, including negotiating deals with globally recognized sporting organizations and celebrities.

ASKO public links:

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11 February 2022
ASKO’s RSS Feed Integrated On’s Price Page

RSS news feed support for the ASKO token is now available for users! ASKO fans and users can […]

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